Become an Urban Axe Throwing League Champion in Vegas

Las Vegas Axe Throwing Champion would be a nice addition to your resumé, don’t you think? Compete in our axe throwing tournament league, and that title can be yours.

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Toss Your Way to the Top at Dueling Axes – Las Vegas

Whether you’re looking for a new social scene, a new sport to practice or just a reason to visit Dueling Axes – Las Vegas more often, our leagues have what you’re looking for. Whatever your motivations, get ready to face off in our two-person team bracketed, round-robin style league of friendly competition, plus a weekly rotating skills game. Test your skills and your brawn as you compete against other local axe-throwing enthusiasts (no previous experience required). Come see if your skills lead you to your very own axe throwing trophy!

League Game Play Rules
A Friendly Axe To Grind: Where Sportsmanship & Competition Meet
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It’s not your father’s bowling league! Weeks 1-7 will be for final week-8 tournament seeding. Week 8 will be a double elimination bracketed tournament. Leader board will be updated weekly.

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Interested in participating in an axe throwing league? Visit our sign-up page below to join. We’re still setting up league schedules and final logistics, so fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you well in advance so you can prepare and have a chance to sign up.

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Axe Throwing League FAQ

Is there a prize?
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League Champions will be awarded with their very own axe throwing trophy. Perfect for display in your trophy case or on the family room mantle.

How much do axe throwing leagues cost?
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$18.75 per league night x 8 nights = $150 per person prepaid, plus tax.

How often?
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1 night per week for 8 consecutive weeks for about two hours each night.

What nights?
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Tuesday nights.

What if I miss a night?
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Since this is an open throw format, missed nights will be marked as no points accumulated. No makeup days will be offered.

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Reach out to Dueling Axes today for any additional information you may need on our leagues. Or sign up today to join the fun!

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